New exhibit at Barbara Moore Fine Art

Along the Way — Their View is the new exhibit at Barbara Moore Fine Art Gallery in the Barn Shops in Chadds Ford Township. The show features the works of Madeleine Kelly, Don Shoffner, and Tim Wadsworth.

Moore said the exhibit’s main feature is that it brings together the variety, yet similarity, of the three artists in how they see their world. Their combined work is complementary.

“It’s the variety of styles, the realism of Tim’s, the abstract/impressionism of Madelaine, and the Brandywine view of Don. They’re all Brandywine but the realism that Don gives you is entirely different than what Tim Wadsworth gives you. Tim’s is soft while Don’s is edgy. The combination makes it a nice balance,” Moore said.

Artist Tim Wadsworth makes a point about his work with a visitor to the gallery.

Kelly was unable to attend the opening Wednesday evening but said in a written statement that “Experimentation is required, exploring the tools and rules of texture, color, and design. All are channels for passion and feeling, informing my artist voice.”

Wadsworth said he wants people to join him on a “visual journey with each painting offering a place to go and find peace.

Regulars to Moore’s gallery have seen six or seven exhibits of Wadsworth’s work. He said he’s changing his view, both in subject matter and in treatment. Originally, he focused on Lancaster County images and the Amish heritage there. But now, his focus is more local with more equine subjects and more of his immediate surroundings.

He added that his work is also getting “looser” not as restricted or detailed.

“My goal for the last 20 years has been to loosen up, be more freeform, but sometimes it goes the opposite way.”

His painting Buck Run is a creek scene showing tree’s roots in fine detail on one side of the creek, while the other side of the creek is softer, “falls away” as he said.

“I sometimes get lost in a painting and it winds up very detailed,” he said.

Artist Don Shoffner chats with an art admirer.

Shoffner is another painter who’s shown at the little gallery many times. His work tends to be more detailed. He said he wants to capture utility, integrity, and texture on older structures “before they disappear from our landscape.”

He said his challenge is to improve on his ability to capture an image.

“You know how you see something and try to capture and sometimes you can’t. I’m getting closer at capturing, sometimes,” he said. “You work it, and you work it, but with watercolors, there’s little forgiveness, so sometimes you have to give up. So, you’re either satisfied with what you did capture, or you start over.”

Along the Way — Their View runs through Oct. 31.

Barbara Moore Fine Art Gallery, located in the Barn Shops, 1609 Baltimore Pike in Chadds Ford, will also host Christmas in Miniature beginning Dec. 1.

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