U-CF teacher earns Heart of Learning Award

Charles F. Patton Middle School English teacher Lauren Owsley has received the Citadel Heart of Learning Award. This is a very special award in any year, but especially meaningful and well-deserved after the challenges last year presented.

Students and UCF leadership only have positive things to say about Owsley. In her award nominations, one student wrote: “I always look forward to her class. I feel Mrs. Owsley cares about me.” Another student mentioned, “She has been the sweetest and most motivating teacher that I have ever had.”Another student nomination noted, “I nominated her because I really loved how she went above and beyond takes time to plan activities and zooms to get to know me personally and each other.

Citadel Heart of Learning Award recipients are selected based on the following criteria: (1) consistent devotion of time and energy beyond the normal requirements of their teaching position (2) initiating, implementing, or administering a new or innovative idea that benefits their students and/or school and (3) providing exceptional assistance and/or support to school or student activities, projects, or programs.

Owsley is one of 15 winners selected out of more than 1,400 nominees submitted this year. All Citadel Heart of Learning Award finalists receive $500 to use in their classrooms and a glass award handcrafted at Glasslight Studios in St. Peter’s Village.



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