Chester County processing vaccination changes

The Chester County Health Department is processing the impact of the recent changes made by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, moving those over the age of 65 and those 16-64 with certain medical conditions into Phase 1A. However, shortages in the number of vaccines remain.

While more people can be vaccinated sooner than originally planned, there are shortages of available vaccines.

This change adds 90,000-plus eligible people to Phase 1A, a large increase of eligible people for Phase 1A. On average, the Chester County Health Department has received 2,000 doses per week, and in total, the county has been averaging receipt of 6,000 doses of the vaccine each week, divided among all providers. Each vaccine requires two doses.

The change in Phase 1A eligibility has not brought additional vaccines to our county. The county has been told to expect vaccine shortages. As an example, this week Chester County requested 5,000 doses and only received 2,500. The shortage of vaccines is not an issue exclusive to Chester County. All other regions within Pennsylvania – and the nation – are affected by the lack of vaccine supply.

The Health Department opens appointments (and locations) based on the availability of vaccines to administer. We will be launching a system where those who work or live in Chester County can register their interest in receiving the vaccine, regardless of what phase they may be in. Regular communication will go out to all who register, with updates on progress, vaccine, and appointment availability. Residents are encouraged to monitor the Pennsylvania Vaccine Provider Map available at for other possible locations of vaccine providers in the county.

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