Two options for new UHS mascot

After years of controversy and talk, the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District community is three weeks away from learning what the high school's new mascot will be.

UHS Principal Jimmy Conley said during the School Board’s Jan. 4 work session, "The Washington football team and the Cleveland Indians certainly have a new model here as they look to select their new mascots for their organizations."

He then commented that the district's process in getting rid of the Indian mascot "speaks to how we are as a community" since every stakeholder had the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Patrick Crater, the supervisor of athletics, said the two finalists are Longhorn or Stampede — out of 500 submissions.

Crater explained that the Stampede is a thoroughbred horse that reflects the region's equine community and heritage. "The thoroughbred is bold, spirited, intelligent, and athletic, and a horseshoe can be used in a Unionville branding package. The Longhorn represents the Buck and Doe Run Valley Farm owned by the famous King Ranch in the mid-1900s," adding that "The longhorn is intelligent, adaptable, and no two longhorns are alike, which is a nice way to represent all students in our schools."

Pat Clark, UHS football coach, said there was passion on both sides of the mascot issue, those wanting to retain the Indian and those wanting to retire that image as a mascot.

"We knew we had to put together a committee that would be respectful of our community, and of our voices, and do a good job," Clark said.

The presentation included comments from several students on the mascot committee as well as Christa Fazio, the district's communications coordinator. Fazio said two subcommittees are currently working on the logo and how to promote the new mascot before the Jan. 25 reveal.

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