Letter: Trader Joe’s appreciated

When I read about Pizzas by Elizabeth in Greenville, Del., offering “Sonshine Surprise” pizza parties to deserving people, I immediately thought of nominating Trader Joe's Manager, Pat Ford, and his amazing crew at the Wilmington store. I have been going to this store since it's opening and my mother & I briefly visited together just before she was taken by breast cancer.

Team member Susan with store manager Pat Ford (Courtesy photo)

The people who work at this store are very special. They are kind, caring, going the extra mile every day to help their customers. I have witnessed so many acts of kindness by them during my visits and the manager, Pat Ford, is always helping elderly customers carry things to their car, helping employees, making a difference in our chaotic world during these trying times. Over the years I have come to know and talk with many of the long-time employees and they each have their own crises and life's struggles they are dealing with, yet they come into the store with a positive, caring attitude every day.

So, I nominated Pat Ford and his team at Trader Joe's for the "Sonshine Surprise."

I had forgotten about writing the email and a few days ago I received an email from Pizza by Elizabeth's that Pat Ford had won and instead of having the pizzas for his family (his choice), he wanted them for the store crew. Jackie from Pizza by Elizabeth's delivered them yesterday — a shopping cart full of amazing pizza's, desserts, peanut brittle they make, and more.

It warms my heart to know that businesses like Betsy's care about helping others.  This really made a difference in the employees’ day.  I appreciate them.

Carol Knotts
Concord Township


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