Sewer talk over Crebilly

It was obligatory sewer talk during the Oct. 22 session of the conditional use hearing for Toll Bros. planned development of Crebilly Farm in Westtown Township. Obligatory because code calls for an onsite sewer treatment facility for a large development in that part of the township, even though Toll and supervisors would prefer using public sewers.

"The best option is to connect to a public system," said Fred Ebert, an engineer in wastewater and permitting hired by Toll.

While discussing how an onsite drip irrigation system can function on the 320-plus acre site where Toll wants to build 317 new homes, he said Westtown has ample capacity — 530,000 gallons — at the West Goshen Treatment Plant. The development would require 80,750 gallons per day.

There would be costs involved to do that, Ebert said, but it would be worth it in the long run. Toll would even pay for the needed capacity from the township. Ebert added that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection would prefer large developments tie into public sewer systems where possible.

During examination and cross-examination, Ebert testified that Toll would need to upgrade existing pump stations and a force main to take the waste from the development down to Route 926, then east toward Route 202, then northwest before turning east to the treatment plant on S. Concord Road.

During talk about an onsite system, Ebert said the southeast section of the site would be the best location for a treatment plant. He said it was far enough away from the homes that neither generator noise nor odor would have an adverse effect on residents. However, no final location has been selected. That decision is still in the planning stages.

As for potential ownership of an onsite system, Ebert said the best option would be for the township to own and operate it. The second-best option would be for a private company operating under the regulations of the Public Utility Commission. The least desirable option would be for a homeowner’s association to own the plant.

The next hearing, held via Zoom, is scheduled for 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 17, is expected to deal with stormwater management.

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