Good morning, m’am

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Class 12 students from Pardada Pardadi.

I'm so happy to be back in India again for the 11th time. This is my home away from home where I feel a passion and purpose in the work done here. There is so much going on here each and every day. I start each morning, sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee (brought from the US, as this is still Nescafé country). It is…

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Mind Matters: Psychological tidbits

How are you at reading the emotions of others or assessing your own personality? These are among the topics briefly covered in a recent (April 2019) publication of Monitor On Psychology. When researchers asked participants in a study to note the “happiness levels of both black and non-black people photographed with either ‘real’ smiles (which involve movement of muscles at the corner of the eyes) or…

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