Letter: A sketch is not a formal plan

I want to thank Mary Tipping and Carolyn Daniels for their recent comments posted in Chadds Ford Live concerning the October Planning Commission meeting. Let me try to put a few of your concerns to rest. As the article makes clear, what was proposed to the Planning Commission was a “sketch plan” idea for Chadds Ford Village. A sketch plan is basically an idea drawn out in order to have a discussion with the commission about a concept a developer may choose to pursue.

As indicated in the article, a lot of steps have to occur before the developer could even submit a formal plan, let alone have it considered by the Board of Supervisors. The sketch plan is the first step in a many-step process that can last years. It is the starting point. Nothing other than submitting the sketch plan for discussion has occurred.

I should also note that the township zoning map does not permit the development contemplated by the sketch. However, developers and landowners are within their legal rights to propose ideas and sketches for their land. As with all projects, Chadds Ford follows a process with many steps before any decisions are made.

At this point, the developer has not submitted a formal plan for consideration, so the comment that something has happened “quickly” is simply not true. I appreciate Chadds Ford Live’s accurate reporting on this issue and I encourage all residents not to believe rumors but instead please contact me with any questions at fmurphy@chaddsfordpa.gov.

Frank Murphy, chairman
Chadds Ford Township
Board of Supervisors

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