Delco DA launches community-law enforcement camera program

Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun M. Copeland launches a new law enforcement camera program.

In an effort to proactively address crime and also keep residents safe in Delaware County, District Attorney Katayoun M. Copeland launched a countywide community camera partnership program for homeowners and businesses to register their camera systems. Joined by Delaware County Council Chairman John P. McBlain and police chiefs from Delaware County, the announcement was made at the 1700 block of Ridegway Road in Haverford Township at the home of the first registrants.

Through the District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division, the program, known as DA DelCAM will provide a valuable tool in the fight against crime countywide. It will also serve as a proactive measure to ensure the safety of vulnerable residents and locate missing persons such as children and older residents.

“For law enforcement, video surveillance is one of the best forms of evidence and it is also a helpful tool in locating and protecting some of our most vulnerable residents, such as a child who may have wandered off or run away from home, someone suffering from drug addiction or mental illness, or an older resident who may be suffering from dementia who strays from their residence,” said Copeland.

Through this program, law enforcement will have the capability to know where cameras are located throughout the county and access footage quickly and solve crimes faster while also empowering the public to help law enforcement fight crime in their own community. Those who register their camera system will receive a letter from the District Attorney and DA DelCAM emblem to post to show they are participants.

“Sharing video surveillance systems with law enforcement is a great example of community-law enforcement partnerships and we believe this is a step forward as we investigate crimes in our community and work towards reducing gun violence,” Copeland said.

Delaware County residents and businesses are encouraged to register their surveillance cameras online through the District Attorney’s secure website at in the program is strictly voluntary and all information will be kept in a secure database which will only be accessed by verified members of law enforcement. Information provided to the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office regarding camera systems will be used for official purposes only and cameras will only be accessed in person with the express consent of the owners. Information from registrants will be stored in a secure database where law enforcement can obtain information regarding video surveillance cameras throughout the county. Through the use of the portal, law enforcement will be able to identify the location of video surveillance cameras that may have recorded the crime and also events relevant to the investigation. As investigations progress, law enforcement would contact the camera’s owner and request permission to access images to aid in the investigation.

Residents are reminded that if they have witnessed a crime or believe a crime is in progress, they should always immediately contact local authorities by calling 911. For more information, and to securely electronically register a camera system, residents can visit the District Attorney’s website at

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