Mixed Media: Abstract angles

Summer is coming to a close, Labor Day is upon us, and soon enough we’ll have to ban white from our wardrobe as we prepare for fall. Is that a thing? It was a sort of seasonal etiquette that I grew up hearing and now choose to completely ignore. As we near the end of August, a few shows have opened this week.

Delaware Art Museum has debuted the next in its Outlook Series. According to the museum website, the Outlook Series “encourages community involvement in the creation of exhibitions that will be hosted by the Museum.”

Sunset Grid by Constance Moore Simon

This month’s Outlook exhibition, “Intimate Visions: Paintings on Paper featuring David Hornung, Constance Moore Simon, Zaneta Zubkova” focuses on small two dimensional works. The exhibition is organized by the Delaware Art Museum and is on view now through January 6th.

Mainline Art Center is hosting a new exhibition in their Welcome Gallery by Bill Brookover. Brookover has a background in design and architecture but maintains an air of buoyancy with a bright palette and playful color incorporation. The sharp and exact shapes in his piece are filled in casually, almost appearing as though they were colored in with childrens crayons.  As a printmaker, he incorporates design elements into his work. Many of his pieces feature patterns fit for textiles. He is a member of Main Line Arts Center, as well as InLiquid, The Print Center, Second State Press, American Color Print Society, Philadelphia Center for the Book, and Da Vinci Art Alliance. He currently chair of the Sanctuary Task Force at Fleisher Art Memorial where is is also a teaching artist.  This exhibition runs through October 7th. Check out the show now! A reminder- this gallery is closed on the weekends during the summer.

Next, stop by The Palette & The Page for their August exhibition, “Portrayal & Abstraction,” featuring work by mixed media artist, Laurie Lamont Murray and ceramicist, Helge Spleth. Lamont Murray’s work is bold and abstract. While some work is figurative, it still maintains elements of spontaneity. Spleth’s work, on the other hand, is guided by and inspired by organic shapes found in nature. Here pieces appear to open up like a flower, and the raku firing method she uses creates unexpected turns in the work which adds to the natural appearance of her work. This exhibition runs through August 31st.

Stop by Church Street Gallery tomorrow at 7 p.m. as John Suplee leads an artist talk that compliments the current exhibition of his earlier work from the 80’s and 90’s.

Next Wednesday, tune in to “Art Watch” on  WCHE 1520AM from 1-1:30 p.m. when Andrew Stewart of The Brandywine River Museum of Art hosts –Andrew Wyeth film director, Glen Holsten. Until next time!



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