Mixed Media: Let the summer begin

"Midnight Melody" by Armen Yepoyan at the Mainline Art Center

I hope you all made it out to Scarlett Thickett Farm last Saturday to see their smattering of fabulous artists. For me, it’s become to inaugural summertime activity. The barn swallows flitting around on the rafters are the  arbiters of when my summertime activities can commence.

Jewelery by JG Rogers at the Flickerwood Wine Cellar

The town of Oxford will be hosting its Third on Third this Friday (Third Friday on Third Street). The Oxford Art Alliance serves as a  ambassador for all walkable artevents and accompanying food/drink/shop opportunities as they list the participating  organizations and businesses who participate. Thank goodness there’s a Third Friday to cut up the over saturation of the First Friday. All Fridays are created equal, and maybe we want a reason to TGIF on other Fridays in the month as well, am I right?

So here’s where we go:

  • Outback Trading Company Store will be hosting watercolorist, Donna Klimek from 5 to 8 p.m.
  • Flickerwood Wine Cellar will be hosting a Pop Up Art Show featuring Jewelry by JG Rodgers. Wine and Jewelry.What’s devastating for your wallet is usually a treat for your endorphins. Oh well. Endorphins: 1, Wallet: 0. Anyway, who doesn’t like a good Pop Up? This one extends through June 17. You do have to go home though - no curling up in the storefront window with three bottles of wine. I’ve been told that’s uncouth.
  • Oxford Art Alliance which is featuring it’s 10th annual Student Art Show. The closing reception for this show will be June 29th from 6 to 8 p.m.

Check out more participating businesses on the Oxford Art Alliance website. I’ve been meaning to go out to Oxford a bit more and explore. It encapsulates a similar small town charm to Kennett Square, my beloved hometown. Hope to see you there.

"Promises in the Wind" by Al Johnson at the Church Street Gallery

Also, providing some entertainment in between First Fridays, Church Street Gallery will host their mid month reception for Philadelphia artist, Al Johnson. Following in step with the contemporary , brightly colored, borderline abstract compositions that gather at Church Street Gallery, Al Johnson slides right in with this familiar, yet satisfyingly unique paintings. I see the Viennese secessionists, I see African tribal masks. I see Miro, I see Klimt, and a soupcon of American Abstract Expressionism with his cavalier drips and paint flecks. It’s no surprise that he exhibits internationally, as he encapsulates so many universally adored aesthetics in his pieces which can normally a BAD thing. Too many combinations usually make for a muddy mission, composition, or color palette, but he has a creative deftness that allows everyone on the playground to get along.  Stop by for the opening reception this Friday, June 15 at 5 p.m.

Mainline Art Center introduces new exhibition by Armen Yepoyan on Friday, June 15. Reception for this exhibition will be next Thursday, June 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. Yepoyan arrives to us via Armenia. His abstract works register in my mind as playful, illegible script, like graffiti on old train cars lining the Amtrak route to New York. When he turns his hand to figurative subjects, the eyes of his painted people bore into my soul like Picasso’s ladies. I look forward to checking out this buoyant, summertime exhibition.

If you would like to become an artist yourself, consider Carlin Academy of Fine Arts in Kennett Square. This weekend a landscape workshop is being held Friday-Sunday.  "In this comprehensive workshop, we forgo the stress of open air (plein air) painting for some in-depth study in the relaxed environment of the studio. Working with photographic reference, we will thoroughly cover landscape basics through a series of projects designed to make the plein air experience easier and more enjoyable. Topics include 'painting by principle' and the theory of planes, types of lighting conditions, atmospheric perspective, painting procedure, and palette preparation. Once you’re finished with this workshop you’ll have the confidence needed to hop into a plein air session, so feel free to sign up for the next weekend and join the outdoor fun." For more information go to https://www.carlinacademy.com/

Next Wednesday, June 20th,  tune into Art Watch on WCHE 1520AM from 1 to 1:30 p.m. I will be hosting French print maker, Agathe Bouton whose exhibition “From One Continent To Another,” is currently on display at Philadelphia Old City gallery, Third Street Gallery for the month of June. Tune in to learn more about her story, her work, and the future of her artistic path. Until next time!



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