Letter: A vote for Spahr

Someone recently asked me what the difference was between the two democratic candidates running the 160th Legislative District.  For me, it comes down to one thing: the candidate.

They’re both Democrats.  They’re both essentially fighting for the same things.

What makes them different is how they have approached an issue that is important to me. I’m an advocate for Gun Violence Prevention. I have been part of the movement for more than five years. I am involved locally, and at the state and national level. I’ve sat across from the desks of current legislators to discuss the issue and have attended committee hearings on the topic in Harrisburg. GVP is neither a photo-op nor a talking point for me.

After Parkland, Cathy Spahr took the opportunity to dig into the epidemic of gun violence facing our county and to understand the issue. Rather than forming a platform of buzz words and talking points, Cathy took the time to learn and understand the issue. As a result, she has developed an informed position that will bring people from both sides of the aisle to the table which will move the conversation forward to the ultimate goal of passing meaningful legislation.

I believe that the purpose of government is to move the will of the people forward; to be the voice of the people you represent and to be an advocate of their causes. Over the last 18 months it’s become increasing obvious to me that most politicians spend their time running for office rather that actually working for their constituents; scoring points instead of passing legislation. The diligence that Cathy has shown with respect to this issue has convinced me that Cathy is not just someone who campaigns; Cathy is someone who is committed to doing the hard work of bridging the gaps that divide us and leading us forward.  I have no doubt that Cathy will carry that tenacity forward for every issue important to the people of the 160th.

Erin Buchner
East Marlborough Township
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