Hank’s Place celebrates anniversary

It’s been a year since Anthony and Katie Young bought Hank’s Place from Peter and Voula Skiadas. To celebrate the anniversary, the Young’s are planning a celebration for Friday, May 11, 367 days after the sale was official and one year to the day of their reopening.

The celebration will run all day that Friday, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. with customers getting free coffee and cake. It’s the Youngs’ way of saying thank you.

As with most businesses, the first year of operation has been a learning experience. Anthony said he’s learned to not take himself too seriously, while Katie said she’s learned that every day is different and that she can’t let the everyday stress get to her.

They absolutely agree on at least one thing: "The best part of this year has been our clientele," Anthony Young said. "They’re the kindest, nicest and most loving I’ve ever met in my 30 years in the restaurant business. They embraced us, and that’s refreshing."

Katie Young added, "They come in as guests but leave as family. It’s been a wild ride but a good ride."

She also said the celebration is just as much a thank you for the staff as it is for the customers.

"They’ve been helpful, and we’ve relied on their guidance. They’ve bailed us out quite a few times. It’s us [her and Anthony], but it’s all of us," she said

When the Youngs took over the Chadds Ford landmark last May, the idea was to keep things the way they had been, and they’ve done that, but with some almost unnoticeable changes. Anthony Young said those changes include now buying hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken. Looking ahead, he said they’ll be looking to gradually bring in "gluten-friendly" and other healthier options, such as a beet and arugula salad, and more fresh fish.

And while Hank’s Place is best known as a place for breakfast and lunch, they’ll be looking to raise the visibility of dinners.

Hank’s Place, named after its original owner Hank Shupe, grew during the 26 years that Peter and Voula Skiadas owned it, and the Young’s want to build on that history.

"It’s a responsibility," Katie Young said. "We’re the stewards of the tradition now. It’s people, community, art and good food."


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