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Imaginari at Oxford Art Alliance

This week’s Mixed Media focuses on primarily West Chester and Oxford as a few exhibitions are opening, some closing, and Art Watch will again provide listeners out there with a thoughtful interview on the Greater Philadelphia/Southern Chester County art scene. Let’s get started!

Tomorrow, Art Trust in West Chester will host an artist talk in conjunction with the final day of their exhibition, Circle and Square. The exhibition, which debuted in January, features the work of sculptors John Baker, Dave Beck, and Andrew Snyder. While all are sculptors, these three artists explore vastly different approaches to their media. John Baker creates colorful, curved wall pieces and vessels. His aesthetic is clear,  succinct, and energizes each of his pieces in a unique way.

Dave Beck, a welder, focuses on the struggle of the process. Metal, an unforgiving medium, provides a challenge that allows him to explore his work through the present experience of its creation. Andrew Snyder explores the purpose of ceramic art in contemporary society. “How can we use clay in a way that comments on contemporary issues?...My goal is to investigate new methods while using traditional materials and creatively think about the process, which I love.”  I look forward to popping by Art Trust tomorrow to listen to these three discuss their work and reflect on the intersection of their inspiration and and styles.

Streets of Brooklyn by Teresa Hagg

On Friday night, Church Street Gallery will host the opening reception for Teresa Haag’s new solo exhibition. Haag hails from the Phoenixville area, and paints large cityscapes in oil. There are a lot of artists whose work can be summed up as oil cityscapes. What makes Haag interesting to me are a few things. First, she creates order out of chaos. Her canvas, which is layered with newspaper prior to each painting, creates an abstract map onto which she begins to paint. There’s something to be said about creating obstacles for oneself, and then reveling in a final product that surprises its own creator.

Second, her work doesn’t read as a traditional oil cityscapes. The thick black outlines, unforgivingly angular subject matter,  mixed with the light and airy color palette remind me of blown up scenes from a graphic novel, or concept drawings for a film. The business of the print of the newspapers she applies beforehand, register as lines, and add to the illustrative quality of each of her pieces. I’m reminded of the work of one of my favorite contemporary artists, Zak Smith. Although he mostly paints portraits, the application of their medium, the frantic and rigid line quality within the painting, and the bright, almost watercolor-esque application of oil is present in both of these artists work. Stop by and take a look at Teresa’s work which will remain at the Gallery through the end of April.

Stop by Oxford Art Alliance on Friday April 13th from 6 to 8 p.m. for the closing reception of Imaginari. This ambitious exhibition, curated by artist Rachel Romano, is a mixture of two dimensional, three dimension artists as well as poets. The roster includes: Carol Cole, Katee Boyle, Rachel Romano, Diane Cirafesi, Lauren Demme, George Dickerson, and Vincent Tavani. See this exhibit before it ends on April 15th. Word on the street is chocolate educator Estelle Tracy will also be in attendance. Stop by the take in the art, enjoy the reception, and while you’re at it, you might get to taste some chocolate as well..

"Impressions" is an exhibit of recent works by Jacalyn Beam is opening at the Barbara Moore Fine Art gallery April 18. Meet the artist at the reception from  5 to 8 p.m.

Jacalyn Beam exhibit to open at Barbara Moore Fine Art

Coming up next week on Art Watch Radio, WCHE 1520 AM, Lele Galer will host as she interviews Michael Norris of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Tune in this, and every Wednesday from 1 to 1:30 p.m. to learn more about the art in your area! Until next time!



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