Letter: School board and spending

Spring is here, the grass is growing and so is the UCFDS budget. A perpetual and persistent cycle of finding more ways to spend your green.

Chrome books for every student (grades 6-12) topping $1.5 million yet parents lament the district’s purchase and elite tier college professors are banning laptops in class since they do not foster learning. Logic would dictate if electronic technology could replace traditional textbooks with savings of a like amount it would be warranted.

Irony is the only word to describe the upcoming vote for the million-dollar-plus “Chrome Book Technology Initiative” occurring the same month the district hears an expert on “IGen”– the electronic age students – about the isolation and depression of our current “connected generation”.

But wait there is more. A 10-year outdoor strategic plan, only covering three schools, with a community survey determining projects. Top priority was parking/traffic flow improvement at the UHS campus. Yet there is a push for additional turf fields carrying a price tag in excess of $2 million.

Don’t forget the International Baccalaureate Program waiting in the wings costing hundreds of thousand dollars.

Your school board representatives are the voice of district taxpayers and provide checks and balances on the administration. The administration is green-eyed with envy of other districts and feels increasing taxes, even when surpluses are being generated, is OK to pay for their avaricious wants.  Contact your school board members ASAP or attend a meeting so they know how you want your tax dollars spent!

Jeanne Best
E. Marlborough Township


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