Family Promise hires new case manager

Family Promise of Southern Chester County, a volunteer-driven nonprofit committed to helping families experiencing homelessness, welcomes Omar Henriquez as its new case manager. Henriquez will guide families through their housing crisis by providing the tools and encouragement to regain their housing, employment and become fully and permanently self-sufficient.

Omar Henriquez

Susan Minarchi, Family Promise executive director said, “Omar brings to Family Promise a diverse set of skills and expertise needed to help families struggling with homelessness find their path back to stability.” She added, “Family Promise is not just a job; it’s a calling. Omar will be instrumental in restoring a family’s hopes and dreams for a brighter future.”

Omar Henriquez is passionate about serving as a client advocate and change agent for Family Promise of Southern Chester County. His background in the nonprofit sector, specializing in group and individual counseling, will empower Family Promise to make a greater impact in the community by addressing the root problems of homelessness. Henriquez’s primary responsibilities are to help families experiencing homelessness reclaim their independence by providing support for families through a comprehensive assessment of a family’s needs, creating personalized stabilization plans and implementation. Cultivating and maintaining relationships with local agencies and community organizations is another key role he will play on a daily basis. Henriquez earned a master’s degree in human services with a concentration in counseling from Lincoln University and serves on the board of directors for Mental Health of America and Ambassador for Hope.

“Knowing there are children right here in our community that don’t have a place to call home keeps me up at night,” said Omar. “Every child deserves a home. I am honored to carry out Family Promise’s mission by providing families with the support and guidance needed to successfully regain permanent housing, employment, and maintain healthy independence.”

Family Promise of Southern Chester County is a leader in the fight against family homelessness, and part of a proven and successful nationwide program, that for over 20 years has effectively addressed the crisis of family homelessness in communities across the county. Since November 2015, FPSCC has helped 82 children and 44 adults by providing shelter, meals and comprehensive assistance in finding housing, employment and additional resources. Twenty-four families have secured permanent housing and 100 percent of those families remain in housing today.

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