Freedoms Foundation scholarships approved

The Thornbury Township Board of Supervisors approved two  scholarships for students who are residents of the township to attend the Freedoms Foundation's “Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program” to be held April 12-15, 2018. Freedoms Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Valley Forge, PA. Its mission is to educate about American rights and responsibilities, honor acts of civic virtue and challenge all to reject apathy and get involved.

The Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program is a four-day residential program for high school students interested in cultivating a better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship through thought-provoking, engaging activities. The Township Historical Commission recommended that the Board pursue this endeavor. The Board has partnered with the West Chester Area School District to establish criteria for selection and ultimately determine the winners of the two scholarships.

Jim Raith, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Thornbury stated, “Thornbury is a municipality that values cultivating the interest of our youth in their community and local government.”  Dr. James Scanlon, Superintendent of the West Chester Area School District, confirmed the township’s support in his statement, “Thornbury Township has been an excellent partner with the school district, providing educational opportunities for our young people.  The Freedoms Foundation scholarship is another one of those experiences.” Chairman Raith continued, “Thornbury is currently in the sixth year of our Junior Supervisor program and will be hosting our eleventh Annual Local Government Day this spring. Each of these activities is a commitment ensuring that we do our very best to engage our young residents. We believe that the Freedoms Foundation mission is closely aligned with our goals of engaging young people in better governance.”








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