Website helps adults determine needed vaccines

The Chester County Immunization Coalition, a countywide organization promoting recommended vaccines across the lifespan, highlights a website that helps adults determine what vaccines they need, and where they can find them.

The website,, gives ZIP Code availability of vaccine clinics across the nation. It also includes a simple quiz that asks a number of questions to determine what vaccines are recommended for individuals based on their age, health condition, job, life style and travel habits.  Individual answers will lead to a list of vaccinations that could include pneumonia, shingles, meningitis, hepatitis A and hepatitis B, chickenpox, HPV or measles, mumps and rubella.

“Six out of 10 adults in the United States have not received all recommended vaccines and are 100 times more likely than children to die from vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Laura Harbage, chair of the Chester County Immunization Coalition, in a press release.

“Vaccination is one of the easiest and safest preventive care measures available, yet many adults may not know what they need or where they can get vaccines that are not available from their doctor,” Harbage she added.

With flu season approaching, the coalition reminds all adults of the need for a yearly flu vaccine. Adults also need a tetanus vaccine every ten years. One tetanus vaccine should also contain pertussis — whooping cough — protection, and this vaccine is needed by pregnant women during each pregnancy.

Most health insurance plans cover recommended vaccines and the Vaccine Finder website will indicate if vaccine providers accept insurance. County residents who do not have health insurance should follow up with their local health department for assistance.

For more information about vaccine services at the Chester County Health Department, call 610-344-6252 or visit

For more information about the Chester County Immunization Coalition, contact Laura Harbage at 610-344-5565.





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