Letter: Donze is best 

A local race for magisterial district judge presents a challenge for the uninformed or misinformed. Since November’s election, many voters have openly pledged to “get more involved,” to look for the best candidate, and to better educate themselves. Through a review of candidate websites, supporter websites, people who know the candidates, words out of the candidates own mouths, opinions of other judges, meeting most of them, and open records requests, here’s the truth.

Jane Donze has the best set of qualifications, education and appropriate experience to meet the unbiased candidate requirements of the state’s Rules of Conduct for MDJs. She has the most years of experience — 25-plus — as a licensed practicing attorney, has a local law practice in the district for more than 19 years, and the highest published ethics rating. She never held a political or governmental position, has no history of shady personal or professional lawsuits, is involved in our communities by serving in non-profit organizations, minority/juvenile organizations. She's is an active business community member and comes from a family of a highly respected superior Court Judge. None of the other four candidates have demonstrated these same accomplishments, accolades, and local meaningful community involvement. Two candidates are not even attorneys.

All five candidates will be on both the Democratic and Republican Primary ballots. So when deciding which one will best serve your family and our seven communities as our judge, read your mailers on Jane Donze. It’s the truth. The primary is May 16. This time there is a very clear best choice, No. 4 on your ballot. Why should we settle for anything less?

Lauressa J. McNemar
Kennett Square
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