Serial child rapist sentenced

A board shows Hugh Taussig-Lux's crimes and ages of his victims.

A 20-year-old man from Media was sentenced to up to 27 years in prison for multiple sexual assault charges involving a dozen children, some as young as 12 years old. Authorities believe, however, there are more victims.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan announced the sentencing of Hugh Taussig-Lux during a press conference at the County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon. Taussig-Lux pleaded guilty on Feb. 24 to a series of charges including rape of a child, corruption of minors, indecent assault of victims less than 13 years of age and sexual assault.

Following reports of drug use among youngsters, an investigation conducted by Officer Nicci Young of the Media Borough Police uncovered a series of assaults that occurred during an 18-month period, with a dozen victims ranging in ages 12 to 15 years old. Both girls and boys were victimized.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, center, addresses reporters during the press conference.

The assaults took place in Taussig-Lux’s apartment on Baker Street in Media. Whelan said Taussig-Lux would entice his victims with a promise of video games and a variety of drugs including alcohol, marijuana and LSD. In one case, Whalen said, Taussig-Lux forced himself on a victim after giving her a date-rape drug.

According to Whelan, Taussig-Lux would frequent parks and playgrounds where youngsters would congregate. He also went to schoolyards during the summer and other times when there was no school and no adults around. He focused on students in the Rose-Tree Media School District living in Media, Upper Providence, Middletown and surrounding neighborhoods.

He would lure them to his home for a party, then hone in on one child he thought he could abuse. Whelan referred to Taussig-Lux as an “opportunist.” The criminal activity started in the summer of 2014 and continued into the spring of 2016 when he was arrested.

The purpose of the press conference was not so much about announcing the sentence, as about getting the word out that there are likely other victims who need to come forward.

Whalen, and Media Police Chief Martin Wusinich said the 12 known victims might not be the only ones. Each said any youngster who had contact with Taussig-Lux should come forward.

“We want to get victims the help they need,” Wusinich said. “You have to keep close tabs on young children. Know who they’re with, when and where.”

Parents and caregivers who learn their kids have had contact with Taussig-Lux are urged to phone Officer Young at 610-565-6656.

Judge Kevin F. Kelly sentenced Taussig-Lux to 13 1⁄2 to 27 years in state prison, plus eight years probation and a lifetime of Megan’s Law registration.


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