New government and new paths for Concord

The Chadds Ford Business Association hosted their February lunch meeting at Arugula Ristorante in Chadds Ford on Thursday March 2, 2017. CFBA  members and non-member guests gathered for a lively presentation from Dominic Pileggi, president of the Concord Township Council,  which highlighted Concord Township Updates.

Pileggi began by noting that Concord Township is the second largest township in Delaware County due to land mass, with 13.8 square miles and 17,231 residents as of the 2010 Census. He went on to advise that the Township recently underwent a restructuring of their government.

The restructuring process began in November 2014 when voters answered affirmatively to a ballot question authorizing a Home Rule Government Study Commission to be formed. Under the Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law these government study commissions are formed to evaluate the current form of government and conclude whether or not that structure could be modified to better serve its constituents by being more efficient or economical.

As a result of this study commission the township was reorganized form a Township of the Second Class to a Home Rule Township. Noticeable changes will be the replacement of the five member Board of Supervisors with supervisors serving a six year term length, by a seven member Township Council with council members serving a four year term length.

Pileggi went on to discuss the consistent growth within Concord Township, focusing on the asset of location. Borrowing the popular slogan of “Location, location, location” he noted that both businesses and residents alike are attracted to Concord Township due to its convenient geographical location to other cities such as Philadelphia and Wilmington.

Recent new business residents include Wegman’s, Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Rothman Institute Orthopaedics, and Main Line Health, all of which Mr. Pileggi described as assets to the community. He also noted that further growth is possible as the 80 acres directly behind the Main Line Health is zoned for hospital use.

Accompanying township growth are usually traffic concerns. Pileggi advised that PennDOT is actively working on the expansion of 322, adding two additional lanes without the planned disruption of existing lanes. He did caution that impact could be felt by township residents as “traffic is like water, it will find the patch of least resistance!”

Pileggi concluded his presentation by speaking about growth which is on the horizon.  Concord Township has been awarded several grants to begin multiple  trail projects. The first trail will be along 202 the vicinity of Wegman’s and will utilize existing SEPTA, Octarara Railway, and PECO pathways to allow users to travel from 202 to the Newlin Grist Mill without crossing any major roads. They are currently in the phase of gauging construction costs and hoe to begin implementation within the next three to four years.


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About Sarah Gregg

Sarah Gregg relocated to Chadds Ford six years ago, but has been working for local Business Pennock Insurance for the past 10 years. When home in Chadds Ford she enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her Jack Russell Terriers. Her hobbies also include traveling, especially on Wine and Craft Beer tasting adventures. She enjoys volunteering, especially at the Township Recycling days, and currently serves as the Press Secretary for the Chadds Ford Business Association.



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