Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal set for Pocopson

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced that it will activate southeastern Pennsylvania’s first Flashing Yellow Arrow traffic signal on Feb. 8 at the intersection of Route 52 and Pocopson Road in Pocopson Township.

The Flashing Yellow Arrow is a new type of left turn traffic signal that has been proven to improve left turn safety at signalized intersections. While relatively new to Pennsylvania, the Flashing Yellow Arrow signal has become commonplace in many states across the country over the last 10 years. Based on studies and transportation agency testimonials, Flashing Yellow Arrow signals improve left-turn safety by helping motorists recognize that they should yield while making left turns when there is oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

PennDOT is activating the new traffic signal on Route 52 as part of the $8.6 million project to replace the structurally-deficient Route 926 bridge over the Brandywine Creek in Birmingham and Pocopson townships.

The new traffic signal will enhance traffic flow on Route 52, which is part of the project detour and will carry heavier traffic volumes during the Route 926 closure.

The proximity of this intersection with nearby active railroad tracks makes it imperative to improve mobility when more motorists will travel on Route 52. The Flashing Yellow Arrow will move additional traffic through the crossroads by allowing a greater number of drivers to make left turns onto Pocopson Road.

The new signal configuration will feature four left turn arrows:

Steady green left arrow meaning the left turn is protected and oncoming traffic is to stop.

Flashing yellow arrow meaning drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before completing the left turn.

Steady yellow arrow meaning left turns should prepare to stop because the signal is about to change to red.

Steady red arrow meaning left turns must stop and cannot proceed.

The new left turn traffic signal is located above the left turn lanes on Route 52.  It is accompanied by a sign reading, “LEFT TURNS YIELD ON FLASHING YELLOW ARROW.”

The Route 926 bridge will close Monday, Feb. 13. The new bridge is scheduled to open by Sept. 1. During the bridge closure, drivers will be detoured over Routes 202, 1 and 52.

Pennsylvania’s first Flashing Yellow Arrow signal was activated in May 2016 in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County.

More information on the Flashing Yellow Arrow signals and other traffic signal initiatives is available at www.penndot.gov in the Traffic Signals, Management section of “Travel in PA.”

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