Letter: Let’s drop the PTO litigation

Remember me? I’m the “bitter PTO mom.”

I am writing to answer the many questions that have arisen during the pendency of this unfortunate litigation involving me and the Hillendale Elementary School PTO.

While serving on the HES PTO Board, I authored a grant that resulted in an award of $30,000 for the Hillendale Trail. However, there were conditions that I was required to fulfill, conditions that made me responsible for making sure the money was allocated and used properly. But, having been removed from the Board, I would not have been able to satisfy those obligations. Thus, I needed an indemnification or waiver from the other parties — the school principal and the other members of the PTO Board. It’s as simple as that.

For whatever reason, I was not given that critical piece of paper before filing my injunction, and then again not after essentially being given no choice, but to file it. Thereafter, and not by my doing, the case was publicized widely and with provocative slants. To this day, the case can go away with a mere release. I am not responsible for the failure to resolve the case properly.

As a side note, you have been told that the case was dismissed, which is incorrect. Procedurally, a court has much discretion in approaching an action for equitable relief. Therefore, we included every issue that we learned prior to filing. The judge merely “sustained” objections so that my claims would be narrowed to a derivative action. We followed the judge’s orders and filed an amended complaint. Now, once again we are willing to resolve the case with a mutual release.

If you desire to see this case go away, please allow your voice to be heard. Thanks for reading!

Kathleen Carmody
Pennsbury Township

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