To The Editor: Democrats plan inaugural affirmation

The Kennett Area Democrats had planned an inauguration day protest, but my thinking as vice chairman of KAD, has evolved significantly.

In President Obama's farewell address, he asked us to go outside of our political bubbles to find common ground with others. In that context, I realized that the action we were planning was not a protest at all. It is, instead, an affirmation of a fundamental American principle that we all share: Hate has no home here in the United States of America.

Consequently, the Kennett Area Democrats are sponsoring on Facebook and other social media an 'Inauguration Day Affirmation: Hate Has No Home Here.’ We invite your readers to join us in affirming our commitment--as a nation--to this principle.

On Inauguration Day, let it not be about politics.

On Inauguration Day, let it be about national unity and who we are as a people.

Here are some things your readers can do to participate on social media:
1    Make the ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ poster your profile picture;
2    Post status updates throughout the day using the poster;
3    Post a selfie, create your own meme, or use memes we have created that may be downloaded at;
4    Use the hashtag #HateHasNoHomeHere in all of your posts;
5    Share this letter to invite your friends to join us.

When you post, you will be telling the world that:

#HateHasNoHomeHere in my heart.
#HateHasNoHomeHere in my home.
#HateHasNoHomeHere in my neighborhood.
#HateHasNoHomeHere in my town.
#HateHasNoHomeHere in my state.
#HateHasNoHomeHere in my country.

I hope to see you (virtually) on Inauguration Day.

Wayne Braffman Vice-Chair
Kennett Area Democrats

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