Barnard’s Orchard conserved in perpetuity

With the completion of the paperwork and the signing of the agricultural conservation easement, Barnard’s Orchard, a community staple for over 150 years, is now officially permanently protected. The easement adds an additional 70-plus acres to the protected lands in Newlin Township.

Barnard’s Orchard is now preserved.

Barnard’s Orchard is now preserved.

The project would not be possible without the Barnard Family, and The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County’s partnerships with and funding from the Chester County Challenge Grant Program, the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, and the Marmot Foundation. Thanks to the contributions and support from so many, the Barnard’s Orchard property will remain in active agriculture forever, a press release said.

Barnard’s Orchard, a fourth generation family farm, was established in 1862 with the family interests expanding over the years. The Orchard and store now provide apples, peaches, blueberries, flowers, and other produce year-round to area residents via the grounds and greenhouses.

The Barnard family has worked with TLC over the past two years to complete the easement and honor their family land to ensure it remains in agricultural use forever. The family will maintain ownership of the property, located along Route 842 two miles east of Unionville, while The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County and the County Agricultural Land Preservation Board will co-hold the easement and act as guardians of its provisions.

Not only will the land be preserved in active agriculture, but the easement also protects Barnard Run, a valuable first-order tributary of the Brandywine Creek and its robust riparian buffer and woodlands.

According to Gwen Lacy, The Land Conservancy’s executive director, “Barnard’s Orchard is crown jewel, with many loyal multi-generational customers and a family intent on embracing their legacy within the community, this is the success story of the year.”



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