Election mars students’ record as predictors

Even the students – who had a perfect record as election prognosticators – got it wrong this time.

St. Agnes School students at the 2016 Chester County Kids Voting Kick Off Ceremony. Students from 41 county schools cast their ballots in the Kids Voting project.
St. Agnes School students gather  at the historic courthouse in West Chester to kick off the 2016 Chester County Kids Voting USA project.

Since its inception in 1996, students in Chester County who participated in Kids Voting USA have accurately predicted the presidential winners. That winning streak ended this year, however, with students aligning their presidential picks with the voters of Chester County and selecting Hillary Clinton, a choice that did not reflect the national outcome, according to a press release from the Chester County Intermediate Unit, which runs the initiative locally.

The votes have all been tallied and, for the first time in six elections, Chester County students from 41 schools have inaccurately predicted the next president. Fifty-six percent of the student vote went to Hillary Clinton. Thirty-two percent of students cast their ballot for Donald Trump; and Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein received six percent and five percent of the student vote, respectively, the release said.

According to Jennifer Shealy, Chester County Intermediate (CCIU) special events coordinator, as part of the project, students studied the candidates and issues of the campaign leading up to Election Day.

“In addition to classroom preparation, parents were encouraged to spend time with their children discussing candidates and issues, as well as gather information from media outlets,” said Shealy in the release. “After the research portion of the project was complete, students took part in a voting experience using a ballot that mirrors that of the actual election ballot with the same candidates and issues.”

Each of the participating schools had the ability to take varying approaches to integrating the Kids Voting project into their school.

Chester County students were invited to vote online for their federal, state and local candidates from Nov. 1 through Nov. 8. The purpose of this “practice” voting is to dispel the mysteries of the voting process and reinforce the knowledge and skills gained through Kids Voting classroom activities.

“Kids Voting provides students the opportunity to be involved with and understand the voting process a bit more,” said Shealy in the release. “Some parents take their children to the voting booth with them, which is a wonderful way to model citizenship. Having the opportunity to vote in school provides the experience for all children.”

Kids Voting USA is a national network of community-based affiliates that partner with schools and election officials to offer students in kindergarten through grade 12 a wide range of opportunities for civic learning, including classroom instruction, and an authentic voting experience.


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