Barrar earns award for pet advocacy

For his work to preserve funding for an emergency animal protection program, Rep. Steve Barrar, R-160, received the Pennsylvania Legislator of the Year award from the American Kennel Club and the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs.

“While there are many organizations and groups that work to help people during extreme weather and other emergencies, pets and farm animals are too often an afterthought,” Barrar said. “Thanks to the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team, Pennsylvanians will not be burdened with the loss of a pet or production animal while facing the tragedy of evacuation.”

In the past few years, the state animal rescue team did not have sufficient resources to fund its activities – despite private donations from the state dog club federation, its member organizations and foundation run by commercial interests and private organizations.

After meeting with representatives of the club and rescue team to discuss the program’s value and what would be necessary to keep it going, Barrar advocated on behalf of the rescue team’s financial needs. Ultimately, funding was included in the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency’s budget.

“I commend PASART and the many important groups that work cooperatively to advance this mission. It is quite an honor to be recognized with this award, and I look forward to working together in the future to serve Commonwealth citizens and their animals.”



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