Cleary again challenges Barrar

David Cleary

David Cleary

Concord Township resident Dave Cleary has announced his candidacy for state representative of the 160th Legislative District. He is running as an independent against State Rep. Stephen Barrar.

Cleary ran against Barrar is 2010, also as an independent. In that three-way race, Barrar took 18,000 votes, Democrat Nick DiGregory had 7,700 and Cleary came away with 1,300 votes.

Born in North Dakota, Cleary said he went to the U.S. Naval Academy and became a naval flight officer. He has a master’s degree in business administration.

In announcing his candidacy, Cleary said, “ I am running for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives as an Independent candidate. I have chosen not to align with a political party because the political party candidates have become too aligned with their parties’ agendas. They have forgotten that they are elected to represent the people. It’s time to return our government to the people.”

He said he would reduce taxpayer cost for state government, lead discussions aimed at ending the problems of drugs and guns and promote ethics in government by holding the state Ethics Commission and Judicial conduct system accountable for serving people with integrity.

During his 2010 campaign, Cleary advocated regional governance by consolidating municipalities to form more effective local government and provide for better police protection.

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2 Responses to “Cleary again challenges Barrar”

  1. David Cleary says:

    Rich, thanks for the coverage, but it would make sense to interview me if you are going to report on my candidacy. This is hardly new news.

    I think you forgot to mention that Steve Barrar spent $150,000 on his campaign in 2010, and that money came most from outside PAC’s. His big legislative action that he touted in his radio ads was preventing the Black Panther’s from intimidating voters (in Delaware County?). What ever happened to his Black Panther legislation? One of my kids asked me at the time if it was the same “Black Panthers” that were in the movie Forest Gump? His Black Panther legislation was just a political stunt to give him a content for radio ads because he had no real legislative work to flaunt.

    Steve Barrar has forgotten about the little people and over 20 years become aligned with a political machine, not the legislative needs of the citizens in his district. Without my name on the ballot, voters would not have an option this election.

    I am available for an interview about my candidacy.
    BTW – I am from Bismarck, North Dakota, the same town that Carson Wentz hails from.

    • Teresa Marcella says:

      I disagree that Mr. Barrar has forgotten about his constituents, and I have never heard him refer to us as the “little people.” We are part of the community Steve has shared from the time his office was located in Brookhaven,then to the Upper Chi location, and now to the current office in Chadds Ford.

      I have accessed the resources at Barrar’s office many times and have always received prompt and courteous assistance. Last week I was surprised when I ran into Anne, who conducts constituent services, at the hairdresser. She asked me a specific question about an issue I had years ago. I was so touched that she had remembered.

      I believe it is unfair to characterize him as being unconcerned about the legislative needs of the citizens in his district.

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