Op/ed: Don’t change Station Way Road

The Chadds Ford Village Plan is a wonderful and visionary major improvement to our community. As with many large plans such as this however, what may seem practical and a good idea, may have real problems when implemented.

When the idea was proposed to change the direction of travel on the one-way Station Way Road to the opposite direction, I looked at it with an open mind. I soon concluded that the extreme negatives of changing the direction of travel would have on my business and the safety and inconvenience of the community, that we needed to rethink this. I have expressed my opposition to this part of the plan verbally and now feel the need to put it in writing, so that it is out there for all to see and discuss. I feel the group working on the Village Plan hasn’t understood the severe consequences that changing the road direction would cause myself, other local businesses and the community as a whole. I do however see why they think it could be advantageous to the Brandywine Conservancy and Museum and I guess that is why this road change is still being pursued in the plans.

My business very much relies on customers being able to do business here easily and safely. By taking away the side Station Way, exit, which currently allows my customers to easily and safely go south or north on Baltimore Pike as well as north on Creek Road, my customers would face dangerous and inconvenient options. My northbound customer would have the choices of merging onto the busy, high speed highway from one of my Baltimore Pike openings, or having to go right on Station Way, left on Hoffman’s Mill, (dealing with a potentially dangerous stop sign at the Creek Road intersection, with the increase in traffic) turning left onto Creek Road and then finally turning right onto Baltimore Pike. My northbound Creek Road customers and my Southbound Baltimore Pike customers would be so inconvenienced and be put into so much more of a dangerous situation, that they would quickly choose to go elsewhere to do business. I suspect the consequences of this road change would cause severe and permanent damage to my business.

The other businesses, and their customers, on Station Way Road and in the Post Office complex, would be severely affected by this change also. I have spoken to many owners and supervisors of these places and they are in agreement with me on this. Even the relative calm, convenience and safety of the current traffic flow for the residents of our community would be affected by this.

I see no advantages to changing the road direction, and I am requesting that the members of the Chadds Ford Village Plan reexamine this proposal and I am asking for the Chadds Ford Township Supervisors to deny any traffic direction changes on Station Way Road. I would be happy to meet with and discuss anything to do with this problem.

Jim Leader
Leader Sunoco Service
Chadds Ford

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  1. GT350 says:

    Thank you all for your replies. As great as it would be for Station Way Road to be two way, if you actually look at all things involved, it’s probably not a possibility. Would be happy to have someone figure out a way to make it work as a two way road!

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