Forged pleasure in the vineyard

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Lele Galer on Left stands next to artist Ellen Durkan and her models. On the far right is the Executive Director of the Oxford Alliance Chris Grove

Guests at the Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery Friday night were treated to steel forged into myriad shapes – and even costumes. "Steeling the Show" was a garden party to benefit the Oxford Art Alliance (OxAA), a nonprofit community organization for advocacy of the arts and culture. Sixteen artists exhibited their sculptures, and the featured artist Ellen Durkan wore her steel. Durkan’s work “combines the…

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Teen driving miscues prompt personal letter

PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards is using a personal approach in a new program aimed at delivering an important safety message to young drivers who are convicted of moving traffic violations. Recently, drivers age 16 through 20 cited for driving infractions received a personal letter from Richards reminding them of the importance of obeying the law and the consequences of poor driving habits so early…

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Mind Matters: Our shame culture

An awful lot of awful events have occurred since my last column where I said I would tackle parental shaming in the next. My plan was to discuss how our society shames and stigmatizes parents like the mother whose toddler son slipped into the cage of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. Since then, a child has been killed by an alligator in a lake…

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