Letter: Start 2017-18 school budget now

In 2003-04 the UCF student body numbered 3901 and the budget was $49.5 million. Over the next ten years the student body increased 4.7% and educational inflation grew 24.0%. One would the 2013-14 budget to be $49.5 X 4.7% X 24.0% or $64.5 million.
But in fact the budget was $79.99 million or 24.4% higher that one would expect.. If I had current data, I expect the 2016-17 budget being discussed to be much higher than necessary and continuing to grow at an unacceptable rate.
Past and current school boards and administrations have done nothing to control the budget growth in the UCF District.

It is time they start with the 2017-18 budget!!!

Bruce B. Yelton
Pocopson Township

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