CFES water is safe

Somebody had something wrong and it made it look as if the water at Chadds Ford Elementary School was bad. It’s not, though. The bogus information was the fault of a typo — a misplaced decimal point.

According to Superintendent of Schools John Sanville, the water is fine.

In an email to parents, Sanville said:

“You may have seen a story stating that the water at Chadds Ford Elementary School has unsafe levels of lead — this simply is not true - our water is safe. The Environmental Protection Agency requires us to test our water every three months — the official results of this testing have given Chadds Ford Elementary School water a clean bill of health. It appears that a typographical error got Chadds Ford ES mistakenly placed on an EPA violation list.

“The test results cited in recent media articles are from September of 2013 — I have included the analytical report from that testing. The report indicates a reading of .012 mg/L (12 parts per billion) — well within healthy guidelines as determined by the EPA. However, the EPA report incorrectly indicates a reading of .12 mg/L (120 parts per billion) — this is simply an error that became a story for some media outlets.

“Despite the misplaced decimal point and shoddy investigative reporting – Chadds Ford ES water is completely safe. We will continue to regularly test our water to ensure that it is clean and healthy for all.

“If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly,” he writes.

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