Letter: Gun policy group endorses Killion

The Board of Directors of Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy is announcing its endorsement of State Rep.Tom Killion, R-168, to fill the vacant state Senate seat in the 9th Senatorial District. The special election will be held on Tuesday, April 26th.

The 9th district includes parts of Chester and Delaware County, including the Chester City in Delaware County.

The Delco United Board members faced a difficult decision because both candidates seeking to replace Dominic Pillegi as the state senator representing the 9th district expressed strong support for Delco United’s legislative agenda for Pennsylvania. Marty Molloy, the Democratic Party’s candidate, demonstrated extensive knowledge about the gun sense issue and articulated a passionate commitment for the cause.

The Delco United Board decided to endorse Killion because of his proven track for supporting and voting for sensible gun laws during his tenure in the state House of Representatives.

Representative Killion is one of nine Republicans co-sponsors of HB 1010, legislation that would establish comprehensive background checks on gun sales.

In 2014, he voted against the Keller Amendment to HB 1243, a provision that enabled the NRA and other extremist groups to sue municipalities with local gun safety ordinances that may be at odds with the state’s more lax gun laws.

In 2008, he voted to require individuals to report lost and stolen firearms.

Representative Killion’s voting record has earned him a D+ grade from the NRA, a grade that indicates that he has voted to protect the children, families, and communities in his district rather than cater to the gun lobby.

Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy believes that Tom Killion’s legislative experience and influence in Harrisburg makes him the best choice for advancing comprehensive background checks legislation and other sensible gun laws in the Pennsylvania Senate in the coming year.

We urge our supporters in the PA 9th district to vote for Tom Killion for State Senator in the special election on April 26.

Terry Rumsey
Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy


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