Letter to the Editor: Linder, Do allegation an ‘insult’

I read with great amusement the nuanced bewilderment of [Kathy] Do and [Gregg] Linder. In my simple view, [Jeff] Hellrung did not endorse anyone. The assertion of Do and Linder that an organization “single-handedly defeated two referendums” is an insult to the majority of district voters who disagreed with their position concerning the renovation of the high school. Playing the victim is not flattering or productive and they are making politics the theme of the campaign with pronouncements such as, “once again have a strong conservative majority” and “the opposition slate.”

Do and Linder are progressive Democrats and should be proud of that fact and not try to obfuscate or devise a political “theme” to mask their beliefs from the voters. Even in their published letter they state, “We are three…Democrats and Republicans.”  So there are four of you? Voters should know the political ideology of all candidates because it impacts their positions and votes. In my opinion the state law has gotten it right and provided a check and balance that aids voters in their understanding of the candidates.

As a historic note, the debt service for the high school renovation is being funded under the Act 1 cap. That 5-4 school board decision in 2008 in the face of taxpayers’ referendum rejections, illustrates the importance of electing well rounded citizens to the board.  The 2008 “it’s for the children” board cabal has helped create the class size issues now facing the district. Not listening to the public and forging ahead with a risky long-term financing scheme is a true example of placing one’s head in the sand.

Glenn L. Best
East Marlborough Township

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