Letter to the Editor: A vote for Horowitz

On Tuesday, I will go to the polls and vote for Alan Horowitz.  I will do so as a proud Republican, but also as an even prouder resident of the Estates of Chadds Ford and citizen of Chadds Ford Township.   I will vote for Alan for three key reasons:  His business and leadership experience; his commitment to protecting Chadds Ford from over-development; and his ability to help resolve the critical challenges that the township will face in the coming years.  
This election is about our future.  It is certainly not about who’s attended the most meetings in the past.  As important issues like development on Route 202, the creation of a community gathering place in the historic district and the future of the loop road come before the board, we will need leaders like Alan who have the ability and guts to ask the key questions and make the tough decisions.    
My family and I understand that Tuesday is about doing what's best for Chadds Ford.   That's why I will gladly put partisanship aside and vote for Alan Horowitz and his vision of a walkable, driveable and livable Chadds Ford!  I hope the rest of Chadds Ford does the same thing!
Caryn Karinshak
Chadds Ford Township


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