Wegmans just weeks away

The long-awaited opening of the Concord Township Wegmans Food Market is just weeks away. A grand opening is scheduled for 7 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 8.

According to a press release, store manager Todd Strassner Jr. said Wegmans would prove itself to be “true one-stop shopping to make your life easier.”

Wegmans’ website says the store will be a 24-hour operation, with a pub operating from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

While many people have been eagerly anticipating the opening of the Wegmans in Concord, there are also shops scheduled to open on the Chadds Ford Township side of the development.

Peter Miller, president of Carlino Construction, said that Wendy’s, Chipotle, a Pennsylvania state store and other businesses will be moving into the township along Route 202. Among the other shops are a Hair Cuttery, a nail salon, a Starbuck's coffee shop, a Sleep Number store, an AT&T store and a Vitamin Shoppe.

As yet, there’s no definite word on when those shops will be opening, but Miller said some will start opening later in November and others are planning to open through January.

The development will also bring the completion of the third leg of the loop road — Applied Bank Boulevard — around the intersection of Routes 1 and 202. The road is already open, though Miller asks that people not use it yet because there's still construction vehicles working there and the road is not yet completely paved.

Miller also said there would be a $3,000 donation to Walkable Chadds Ford.

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Rich Schwartzman has been reporting on events in the greater Chadds Ford area since September 2001 when he became the founding editor of The Chadds Ford Post. In April 2009 he became managing editor of ChaddsFordLive. He is also an award-winning photographer.



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One Response to “Wegmans just weeks away”

  1. ksdillon says:

    Great. More traffic jams. More congestion. The traffic signals were supposed to be synced to allow free flow of traffic. Not the case. Traffic still is backed up from well north of route 202/route 1 to well past Smithbridge road in both directions for several hours every evening and Saturday mornings. How much more traffic will there be when Wegman’s–which is really a shopping mall–opens? This overdevelopment affects Chadds Ford residents, few if any Concord Township Twp residents. How many more shopping malls and grocery stores can this area support? How much more development is “enough.” With the future construction of the medical plaza at Marshall Road and Brinton Lake and the commercial/residential site at Ridge Road and 202, the area will be “landlocked” by development. The green space will be gone. Why can’t the supervisors from Chadds Ford and Concord work together to demand that developers set aside some green space? Certainly neighboring townships can look out for one another. Or is there not a working relationship? It seems that all that is important is the revenue to be gained from tax dollars and not the quality of life for the residents of what the CFT supervisors refer to as “the business district.” How much more “brick and mortar” can be crammed in to this area. It seems there are only two areas that are important: the “historical district” and “the village,” Mr Murphy, you are affected by this. Why don’t you take the lead and advocate for your neighbors.

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