Art Watch: N.C. Wyeth back in town

Sherman by NC Wyeth

Kick off your Columbus day weekend with the sweeping historic images of N.C. Wyeth. Never before seen together, seventeen N.C. Wyeth paintings will be on exhibit at Chester County Art Association at 100 Bradford Avenue in West Chester, October 10-18. These paintings illustrate pivotal moments in American History, brought to life in these paintings that accompany poetry by American poets including Walt Whitman, and Henry Longfellow.

Paintings include "Washington", "Nathan Hale", "Paul Revere" and "Warren's Address to his Troops at Bunker Hill." N.C. Wyeth was captivated by the rich American history of the Brandywine Valley as well as its stunning natural beauty. He was one of the preeminent painters of his time who established the artistic legacy of the Brandywine Valley. To ensure this legacy, he co-founded The Chester County Art Association in 1932. This wonderful exhibition is a testament to the strength of this important artist and a moving tribute to our heroic American history.N.C. Wyeth

Sixteen of the N.C Wyeth paintings detail important scenes from our nation's history and were painted to illustrate the anthology "Poems of American Patriotism." These are on loan from The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The Westtown School in Westtown, Pennsylvania, has generously loaned the spectacular "Giant" painting as well as four paintings by CCAA charter member George Gillett Whitney.

This show is titled the "Founder's Exhibition" because N.C. Wyeth and his colleagues founded the Chester County Art Association back in 1932. The Founder's Exhibition will begin with a ticketed Opening Reception on Friday October 9th, featuring delicious appetizers and Galer Estate wine from 7-10 pm, and continue through the next nine days with guest lecturers including Victoria Wyeth, great -granddaughter of N.C. Wyeth, and Christine Podmaniczky, Curator of the N.C. Wyeth collection at the Brandywine River Museum of Art, as well as sketch-in-the-show opportunities.

The show will finish with a dramatic Founder's Closing Reception where performers from the Uptown Entertainment Group will recite the American Patriotism poems that correspond to the collection. Tickets to the special events and entrance to the show are available online at

The "Poems of American Patriotism" covers milestones of American History from the Revolutionary War through World War I, with images made famous in various American anthems and poems. The artist's imagery is dynamic and poignant, and captures the sweeping history of an event through the actions of a single person. The heroes are brought to life as compelling, emotional figures who are dramatically figured in a great historical moment. N.C. Wyeth draws the viewer into the humanity of the moment , the tumult of the times , and the emotion of the protagonist.   These sixteen images are beautiful testaments to the artist's great talent, and to the enduring spirit of individualism and bravery that has marked our history's past and present

After going to the Founder's Exhibition, make sure to revisit The Brandywine River Museum of Art, to look again at their permanent collection and tour the N.C. Wyeth Studio. So many of the permanent works take inspiration from the history and beauty of the Brandywine Valley, that the whole family will enjoy walking the grounds and touring the museum. Across the street from Hank's, The Sanderson Museum offers a uniquely Chester County experience that combines history, culture and art in one charming, special museum. Parents and adults will delight in this quixotic collection of local treasures and memorabilia.

hand with NC cardsIn coordination with the Chester County Visitor's Bureau, participating wineries of The Brandywine Artisan Wine Trail will be promoting the exhibition with an art card collection game. Nine wineries and their satellite locations will each have a different image from the Founder's Exhibition. No purchase is necessary to collect a card. Once a visitor has collected 5 or more different card images, then they can receive a two-for one admission to the Founder's Exhibition at the door. Also, the cards may be reused for the final day drawing for a basket of wines from the Brandywine Artisan Wine Trail. For more information, go to:!october/c2ov


Brandywine Artisan Wine Trail


Uptown Entertainment Alliance's huge annual fundraiser carries on the American theme of "Red, White & Blue". Their event is October 17th, 6:30-11pm, click this link to purchase tickets for their dinner dance: Performers from Uptown will be reading from "Poems of American Patriotism" on October 18th, the final night of the Founder's Exhibition.




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