Safety concerns remain a priority for U-CFSD

In light of two weapons’ incidents within weeks of each other on school grounds, the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District administration is planning on another community conversation regarding safety.

School Superintendent John Sanville sent out an email to that effect during the weekend on Sept. 26.

In the letter, Sanville reviewed the response to the latest incident, and how security at district schools has developed since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut two years ago.

In the email, Sanville said: “The community conversation that followed opened our eyes and ears even more — and we listened, discussed, and took notes. As a result we created a 27-point action plan to make our schools as safe as possible.”

Some of those steps, he said, included installing emergency 9-1-1 call buttons in all schools, increasing camera coverage on each campus, installing protective 3M film to prevent breaking through entranceway glass and increasing planning and drills in each school.

He also said: “In large part, because of the changes we made two years ago, we were able to intervene in both of these situations. By diffusing potentially dangerous circumstances, students and staff were free from harm.

“So now we will do what we know works…and have another community conversation. The date and time will be determined shortly and advertised to our community. I urge you to attend - and to bring your concerns, suggestions, and thoughts. The combination of perspectives, ideas, and varied viewpoints will be a conduit to better understanding the issues that we need to focus on.  There can never be too many interested parties discussing things that are so important.”

The most recent incident occurred last Friday, Sept. 25, when a hunting knife was discovered in a high school student’s pickup truck parked at Unionville High. The student was suspended for the infraction.

Earlier this month, a parent who was picking up his child at the middle school, left his car unlocked with a firearm inside and the engine running. The Chester County District Attorney’s Office declined to press any charges.

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