‘Pretty fun, REALLY’

Sharks have been a strong part of pop culture ever since the movie Jaws hit the screen in 1975. From books and movies to TV, sharks fascinate almost everyone, especially in summer.

Summer camp gets into the act as well, even in Chadds Ford Township.

Christopher Arriviello gets to work snipping an unborn dog shark from its yolk sac.

Christopher Arriviello gets to work snipping an unborn dog shark from its yolk sac.

Science Explorers held a camping experience at St. Cornelius Church that involved dissecting dog sharks. Some of the campers found surprises, like unborn baby sharks still attached to the yolk sac.

Christopher Arriviello, 7, from Pennsbury Township, was the first to discover the surprises and was impressed. He said dissecting the shark was, “pretty fun,” adding “really’ with strong emphasis.

When Jill Shinn, the education coordinator for Science Explorers, asked, “Is that ‘really’ with all capitals,” Christopher responded with an emphatic “yes.”

About 10 youngsters in the 7- to 11-year-old range took part in what Science Explorers called the “elbows-deep” experience of playing marine biologist. The idea was for the campers to examine the anatomy of the fish, create their own submarine, and to dissect the sharks.

Science Explorers has been bringing science camp and after-school programs to youngsters aged 4 to11 for 15 years. Its motto: “If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it.”

For at least one youngster, it definitely was fun. “REALLY!”

(Top photo: Christopher Arriviello, of Pennsbury Township, left, and Drew Gaffney, of Westtown Township, right, have slightly different reactions to the dog sharks they were dissecting.)

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