Patton student earns president’s leadership award

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition has selected Nikolas Toocheck to receive a 2015 PCFSN Community Leadership Award. The award is given annually to individuals or organizations who improve the lives of others within their community by providing or enhancing opportunities to engage in sports, physical activities, fitness or nutrition-related programs.

At age 9, Toocheck created his own philanthropic campaign called Running the World for Children; running a marathon on each continent of the world raising money and awareness to help children in need. He raised more than $42,000 for non-profit Operation Warm helping more than 2,100 children receive the gift or warmth.

Completing his final continent on Sept. 6, 2014, he is the youngest person in history to run a marathon on all seven continents. Toocheck’s next project is running a marathon in each U.S. state continuing his efforts to help kids in need. He will raise money and awareness for children to receive the gift of sight by supporting the Seva Foundation.

“Nikolas Toocheck has worked to consistently promote physical activity, sports and/or good nutrition throughout their community,” says Shellie Pfohl, Executive Director of the Office of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. “For our nation to become healthier, it has to be transformed by acts of people and organizations such as Nikolas and because of Nikolas’s efforts and contributions, His community can embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. Together we are all working to make our nation a healthier one.”

Dean Karnazes, ultra-marathoner, community fitness leader, friend, mentor and hero to Nikolas, recently wrote, “In a world that sometimes seems so divided and riddled with conflict, Nikolas provided a shining beckon of hope.”

This year, the President’s Council presented the Community Leadership Award to 47 recipients across the country for making sports, physical activity, fitness, and nutrition-related programs available in their communities.



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