Letter to the Editor: Sestak will protect seniors

With millions of senior citizens in the United States, it is our duty and our elected representative’s job to assist them. As the cyber space continues to grow, we need make sure that all American families are protected from the various problems that arise out of the Internet.

When he served in the House of Representatives, Admiral Joe Sestak voted to fund the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is a program that monitors companies for fraud, scams, and predatory lending practices, and protects senior and other citizens from scammers and fraudsters.

Current Senator Pat Toomey voted three times against funding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He also co-sponsored a bill that repealed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. He opposes making the Internet a safe place for all members of the family to be. He also opposes protecting consumers.

When we live in a world where we can encounter scammers and fraudsters both on the street and on the Internet, we need a Senator who will work for Americans to make the Internet safe and easy to use. Toomey has proven that he will not do that.

Ann Schott
London Grove Township

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