Letter to the Editor: Privatizing liquor is a positive step

The State House of Representatives took an important step last week in the effort to get government out of the liquor business.

Pennsylvania is one of just two states in the nation with full control over the wholesale and retail sale of wine and spirits.

This outdated and inefficient system is costing Pennsylvania an estimated $313 million from Pennsylvanians crossing state lines to purchase wine and spirits.

In light of these issues, the House passed House Bill 466, which would privatize the state-owned liquor stores and bring more convenience and better choices to consumers.

The proposal would create one-stop shopping opportunities to buy beer, wine and spirits.

It also would double the number of outlets where people can purchase wine and spirits and allow beer distributors to sell six-packs, 12-packs and growlers, rather than cases only.

It is estimated liquor privatization could generate at least $1.1 billion in up-front revenues. Revenue from taxes on the sale of beer, wine and spirits would continue.

Finally, the proposal would ensure the state’s Liquor Control Board focuses on enforcement, compliance and education, rather than alcohol sales.

Stephen Barrar,
State Rep. 160th Legislative District

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