Preservation awards bestowed in West Chester

The West Chester Downtown Foundation hosted its fourth annual Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 21, at the Chester County Historical Society, an opportunity to recognize and honor projects both large and small that help highlight and preserve West Chester’s historic character.

 The Bricks and Mortar Awards recognize construction projects of exceptional quality that have a positive impact on the preservation of West Chester’s historic fabric. They were presented to the Chester County Commissioners for the rehabilitation and restoration of the Chester County Courthouse, 3 W. Market St.; James and Margaret Hudgings for the stewardship of their twin houses on West Union Street; and First Presbyterian Church, 130 W. Miner St. for its addition of a cupola to the church's historic structure.

The Preservation Service Award, which recognizes projects that promote a better understanding of the history of West Chester, was presented to the Chester County Historical Society for its ongoing educational program, “A Walk Through History,” School Group Walking Tour.

The Special Recognition Award category was established by the Historic Preservation Awards Committee to recognize exceptional individual projects or individuals that promote the preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation of West Chester’s historic fabric and character. The award, which has only been given once before, was presented to Jane E. Dorchester for her committed efforts to establish the West Chester Historic Preservation Awards program.




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