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Have you joined the wave of people who use the Web site Pinterest?  And, by wave of people, I am referring to a reported 70 million worldwide in 2013 that use this site.  Considering this high number, I would venture to guess that you have.

Pinterest is a free site that allows its members to collect information that they want to keep track of — recipes, hairstyles, craft ideas, etc. — by “pinning” them to boards that they themselves create and organize.

Here’s how it works:  Join Pinterest and add their “Pin It” button to your browser’s toolbar.  Now you can browse all the Web sites that you normally visit and, when you see something you’d like to remember you can click on the Pin It button and Pinterest will allow you to choose an image from that page to “pin” and also to choose which of your boards you’d like to pin it to.

For example:  You’re looking for a new coffee table for your family room.  You go online and visit several furniture stores to start comparing styles and pricing.  In the past you may have written down or printed out the information about your favorites, with descriptions about each.  With Pinterest, you can simply click the Pin It button on your browser each time you see a possible contender and add it to a board that you might name “Coffee Table Options.”

When you are done browsing, you can go to your Pinterest page and view this board.  You will see all the pictures of the coffee tables that you saved (pinned), each linked to the websites where you found them.  Whether you’ve spent two hours or two weeks searching, you now have the options all in one place and ready to compare, side by side: a scrapbook minus the scrap.

At this point I’m sure you must be starting to understand why, as a professional organizer, Pinterest is something I can get very excited about.  It’s like having an online filing cabinet for all of your ideas and interests, clearly categorized and neatly displayed.  Perfect for anyone who says they don’t like filing things away because they don’t want to forget about them.

There is also something called “Secret Boards” which allow you the ability to keep your pins private or share them only with those who you invite to see them.  I have used this feature to organize ideas for presentations that I have given.  These are also handy for party planning and group collaboration with family, friends and co-workers.

I have been a Pinterest member for about two years now.  Here are the names of some of the boards I have created:  Creative Celebrations, Great Holiday Gift Ideas, Hairstyles, Handy Products, Inspiring Designs, Recipes to Try, Sharp Organizing Solutions, Useful Apps.

Take a look…if you’re Pinterested.

*Annette Reyman is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO®) and President of its Greater Philadelphia Chapter. To contact Annette Reyman for organizing work, professional unpacking, productivity support, gift certificates or speaking engagements call 610-213-9559 or email her at Visit her websites at and Follow All Right Organizing on Facebook and Pinterest.

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