Chadds Ford supervisors approve File of Life

Chadds Ford Township supervisors approved spending up to $4,000 for the Emergency Response Team to provide emergency preparedness packets for residents.

Tom Kerwin made an initial presentation regarding File for Life at the board’s workshop on July 1 and the supervisors approved the plan a day later at their regular July meeting.

The packets will include a variety of information on what to do in case of emergency, Chadds Ford specific emergency phone numbers and a refrigerator type magnet for people to write necessary medical information that emergency responders can refer to if need be. There will also be a small map showing evacuation routes.

“We can’t compel people to prepare,”Kerwin said, “but we can make it easier.”

There are no known grants available for the project at this time.

Other business

• Supervisors approved a change to the township retirement plan. They voted to move the administration of the plan to the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors under the PSATS 457 plan.

The township administered plan was a 401 K only. Supervisor Keith Klaver said the PSATS plan is more flexible and the township employees were in favor of the change.

Employees may contribute up to 3 percent of their pre-tax salary — capped at $3,000 for an employee earning $100,000 or more per year— and the township will match the amount. Employees working 32 hours per week are automatically eligible. Other employees may enroll, but with their own after-tax money and without matching funds.

• Delinquent tax notices have been sent to all businesses operating in Chadds Ford Township regarding unpaid Business Privilege Taxes. As previously reported, many businesses were never billed for the tax since it was enacted in 2007. Even businesses that opened only this year were billed $600, $100 per year for every year since 2007. Supervisor Deborah Love said it was easier to send one generic letter to all the businesses. Discrepancies can be worked out, she said.

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