Free Your Space: Annette’s clutter-free holiday gift picks

Well, here we are, in the thick of the holiday season. Do we shop online this year? Do we run out at midnight for the Black Friday sales? What do our loved-ones want? What would I want? Sometimes there just seems to be too much of everything. On the other hand, a nice new iPad would be nice — but that’s not something I would expect anyone else to afford for me. So what do we give?

Think Mom and Dad have everything? Think Aunt Mary will already being getting too many boxes of candy? Try something that you know they have and use all the time and might be wearing out.

Feel like the kids have way too many toys already? Try a picking up a storage solution for some of those toys.

Know someone who’s always glued to an electronic device? There are lots of accessories that would make any techno-geek jump with joy.

Here’s a helpful list of ten affordable and useful items that won’t go unappreciated:

  1. Lego Storage Box: Where there are children, there are Legos. And, where there are Legos there is a frustrated mom trying to wrangle them into some sort of order. The Container Store carries a whimsical yet functional Lego-shaped storage box in multiple colors. Or check Amazon for the “Box4Blocks”, which not only serves to contain but also acts as a sorter.
  2. Game Storage Ottoman: For kids or adults with video game controllers always strewn about, check places like GameStop for storage ottomans made specifically to manage this paraphernalia.
  3. Yarn Tote: So many crafts, so little space. Help those knitters out and put a smile on their faces by picking up a tote bag made just for their hobby. Visit your local craft store or has one for just $6.
  4. Cords & Plugs: Think an extension cord is a disappointing gift idea? Think again. Cords like the Electro Man Multi Outlet Plug by Kikkerland are excellent solutions for our digital generation and a fun surprise to open up. Check Bed, Bath & Beyond to find this.
  5. Hand Towels: Is there someone who has a big family or is always hosting parties? A nice pair of fancy hand towels is always a good gift. Hand towels will get dingy looking over time and, since they still “work just fine,” are not always top on the list to replace. For some, it may be a small luxury to receive a nice new set.
  6. Matching Everyday Drinking Glasses: Sets of glasses tend to dwindle. Some get broken while other, non-matching glasses or plastic cups, wander their way in.  Perhaps its time to treat Mom and Dad to a nice matching set. Home Goods or Bed, Bath & Beyond have lovely choices at great prices.
  7. Memory Foam Bath Mat: Treat someone with aching feet to a luxurious bath experience by giving him or her a memory foam bath mat. They are soft, cushioned, non-slip, machine washable and less than $20 at most department stores.
  8. Lap Desk: Still one of my favorites (I’m actually using one while typing on my laptop right now). A nice cushioned lap desk can be found at home goods stores, department stores or office supply stores. These are great gifts for almost any age group.
  9. Shadow Box Display Cases: Is there someone on your list who is a collector? Figurines, golf balls, shot glasses and the like, can be fun to collect but challenging to house! Instead of adding to someone’s collection, try getting them a small display case to show off their treasures. I promise you an instant smile.

10. Gift Certificate for Professional Organizing! Last, but not least, show that special someone how much you appreciate them by giving them an extra pair of hands and the time and attention they deserve. Treat them to a gift certificate for a few hours of professional organizing!

I pray that your homes and your lives will be filled with the blessings of love and laughter, comfort and joy throughout the Holiday Season.

As a gift to my readers, mention where you read this article and I will add one hour onto any gift certificate purchased by Dec. 31

(Note: All Right Organizing gift certificates purchased have no expiration date)

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