In My Experience: The Last Yard Sale

Dear Jeanne-Marie,

Why do you think there is so much workplace conflict today?



Short Answer

Dear Resigned,

Everyone wants to feel important and valued but people, places,
and things are never what they appear to be.

In My Experience

Workplace conflicts remind me of a yard sale I attended and how I
discovered that there are so many layers to events. It is only by following a different path that you discover
the depths of ordinary things…

Not too long ago, I stood in a long line waiting to enter a home
where all of the contents were being sold. Someone had died and the relatives were selling everything
and dividing the money. I entered
the house, which was packed with strangers. They were struggling to grab as much as possible and I began
to feel uneasy.

I looked for a way out but noticed stairs leading to the
attic. Curiosity got the best of
me and I climbed to the top. Not
many buyers were interested in the old papers and the dusty clothing. A few
people wandered up, picked through the debris and left. But I started to poke in some boxes and

What I found astounded and saddened me; I found a life-time of
memories, hundreds of family snapshots, love letters dated from 1920, a
carefully wrapped diploma and greeting cards all signed, ”Your daughter, Jane”.
Where was Jane? Why was she allowing strangers to tramp through her parents

I felt sick.

Someone’s entire life
had been reduced to a yard sale. I slowly walked down the stairs and pushed my
way through the crowd.

We spend so much of
our lives trying to jockey for positions of importance and status. We want
power and control. So, how does it feel and what do we do when we witness
someone else’s life not mattering at all?

It was my last yard sale.

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*Jeanne-Marie Curtis came
from Philadelphia to Chadds Ford Township in 1990. She has her BBA in HR
Management/Employment Law. She is the author of Junctions by Jeanne-Marie
(Every Woman’s Journey and Journal)
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