Free Your Space: Anticipation

I write this
article on the eve of Hannukah and less than a week before Christmas. The stores and roads are crowded with
people looking for those last few gifts, groceries, and all the best
deals. Emotions are running high
(and low) with the excitement of it all.
My young niece and nephew are acting out-of-sorts, my mother is feeling
a bit sad over days gone by, my kids are excited to get just the right gifts
for each other. All of this
because of the anticipation of the biggest holiday events of the year.

It is
understandable that young children can act moody when filled with
anticipation. Their emotions
reflect their frustration over not being able to make the time go faster. As adults though, time can fly! Yet, as adults, I believe that
anticipation can be used to our advantage. Rather than running around in a frenzy or freezing in our
tracks over the worry that things will never get done in time, we can put that
anticipatory energy to work for us with this perspective: anticipation =

As we anticipate
crossing the threshold of a new year, I would like to share with you some
simple steps you can take to make 2012 a happy and smoothly planned success!

Step 1 - Evaluate: A good way to decide on how to move
forward is to start by looking back.
Take some time to review the past year.

worked for you? What didn’t?
How did you prioritize?
Did you have life balance – family, work, social, health, relationship,
Are you happy with the direction your life is leading toward?

Step 2 - Dream: Once you’ve really spent time considering
where you’ve been heading, allow yourself some time to dream.

you want to keep heading in this direction?
How would you like your life to look?
What things would you change?
What would remain the same?
Imagine yourself – how you look, feel, act – in that dream life.

For steps 1 and
2, set aside some dedicated time on an afternoon or evening to either discuss
with someone else or to write down your thoughts.

Step 3 - Plan: After digesting your thoughts and
visualizing your intentions the next thing to do is make a plan.

Since studies
have shown that people who write their goals accomplish significantly more than
those who do not, for step 3 actually write down your goals for 2012.

Step 4 - Prepare: Now that your intentions are clearly in
front of you, it’s time to gather the supplies that you will need to take
action and make them happen:

• Calendar/Planner – if you don’t have
one that you love it’s time to get one.
If you prefer a hard copy, take a trip to your local office supply store
and look through all the different types of planners. (There is no “right”
choice here. You may like to look
at one day at a time or see the whole week at a glance. You may want something small enough for
your purse or large enough to catch your eye.) Take your time and choose something that feels right. If you prefer an electronic version,
you can use your computer’s calendar program or an online calendar such as
• Tools of the Trade – is one of your goals to spend more time with
family? Exercise more? Resume or start a hobby? If so, what will you need to make that
dream a reality? – Craft supplies?
Gym membership? New hiking
shoes? Remember, you can’t build a
house unless you have building materials.

Step 5 - Live: You’ve turned to face your anticipation
head-on and used it as a time of preparation – a time to take the reins of your
life and steer it in the direction that you choose. Embrace your preparatory efforts and act on your new plan.

Now that’s an organized life.

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    I can’t wait to share this column with friends. So helpful. Thank you.

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