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Dear Chadds Ford Residents

I take great pride in being an independent voice in Harrisburg. My willingness to speak my mind and stand up to the powers that be have not always made me a favorite of the leaders of the two parties on the local and state level. But I know that my job is to serve as the voice of “We the People” in Harrisburg, not special interests.

I fought efforts to provide state funding to partisan political groups like ACORN. I am the only person in the entire state to take on the New Black Panther and demand an investigation into the illegal actions. I stood up for our men and women in the military when there was a threat that their absentee ballots would not be counted. I’ve railed against out of control government spending, championed true property tax reform, and stood in strong opposition to efforts to raise taxes.

Looking to the future, I believe jobs and the economy must be our top priority. I support changes to our tax structure so that we can attract more businesses to the state. And I have oppose the onerous taxes that Democrats have proposed in recent years that would hurt consumers and our job creating small businesses.

I believe our children deserve the best education we can afford to provide but the way we fund education needs to be reformed. I am a avid bicyclist and a frequent user of the wonderful nature trails we have in our region, I believe we must take steps to protect our environment but we need to protect our environment with commonsense regulations.

I hope that my record and vision for the future has earned me your support on November 2. For more information, I encourage you to visit my website at


State Representative Steve Barrar

About the Author

Steve Barrar is a US Navy Veteran, and former township commissioner. 

I have been endorsed by the Chester County Chamber of Commerce, Delco Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, Delco FOP and the Delaware County Building Trade Council, and have received awards from the PA. Dentist, the PA Chiropractic Association, Delco Transportation Management Association’s Legislator of the Year, and 5 times awarded the Free Enterprise award from the Delco Chamber.


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