Police promise better communication

Lt. Tracy Brown, barracks commander for Pennsylvania State
Police Troop J, Avondale, said again he is working to improve communication
between the troop and the public.

He was responding to questions about press releases not
being issued after a rash of burglaries in Pennsbury Township earlier this
spring and summer.

Both Troop J and Troop K, Media barracks, fax releases to
the press several times per week relating to police activity. However, there
were a number of burglaries in two sections of Pennsbury when such releases
were not sent.

As previously reported, ChaddsFordLive.com learned of the
incidents from residents—victims and neighbors—and received verbal confirmation
of an investigation into those incidents from Tpr. Corey Monthei in July.
Monthei said then that there had been “a handful” of burglaries in the
preceding 90 days.

At least two more burglaries occurred in the township within
the last three weeks and, again, no press releases were issued. Brown, who
became barracks commander in April, attended the Pennsbury supervisors’ meeting
in August and addressed the issue when it was brought up by a reporter.

He discussed it again during a telephone interview earlier
this week. He said he was having a clerk review reports and promised to have
them faxed.

“I have made people aware of this and you will be getting
them,” Brown said during the interview. “I’ve brought it up at roll call and
discussed it with the sergeants and patrol corporals, as well.”

The spate of burglaries along with the lack of information
from the police has gotten to people to the point where at least one person was
talking about getting a firearm.

Brown said he understands people have that right, but wants
residents to know that he and his troopers are “out there doing our job. …
We’re trying to make sure that everything is out there for you.”

Brown added that residents with concerns should phone the
barracks and talk with him. He said he’ll meet with them to address their

A day following the interview, Troop J personnel did fax
press releases on several incidents, including three burglaries and one case of
criminal mischief that occurred between July 7 and Aug. 14.

About Rich Schwartzman

Rich Schwartzman has been reporting on events in the greater Chadds Ford area since September 2001 when he became the founding editor of The Chadds Ford Post. In April 2009 he became managing editor of ChaddsFordLive. He is also an award-winning photographer.

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  1. brandywinebard

    Having moved from Chadds Ford Township to West Goshen Township on June 11 of this year, I recently learned first hand how fabulous our new township is when it comes to important communication between residence and police.

    On August 11, a young man in our neighborhood barricaded himself in his home with firearms and after many hours tragically committed suicide. Access streets in our beautiful neighborhood were blocked by police and SWAT teams.

    My fiance was home when the police action first started and received a recorded phone call from the township describing the situation and telling which of our roads were blocked off. I was able to get home by a back entrance to our neighborhood. Later that evening our phone rang, and again it was a recorded message from the township telling us that the police action had ended and that our streets were now open.

    CNN recently listed West Goshen Township as one of the top 11 places to live in the United States. I can see why.

    (Still love you Chadds Ford!)

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